Friday, 23 May 2014

Hong Kong Style Sausage Bun 腸仔包

Back then when I haven’t pick up baking as my hobby, I thought making bread or bun is one of the toughest and time consuming task to do. After getting to know more about baking, making bread was never hard to make at all, it need the least attention to make I suppose. Unlike my other baking such as macaron, I need to constantly checking if it is in the right texture and you need to be super accurate. Now making bread has become one of my daily routine, now my family rarely buy bread from outside. I really should thank to my friend who gave me a bread maker for Christmas present.
This is the first time I made Asian style bread, it basically similar to my other recipe for Hot Cross Bun. This Hong Kong Style Sausage Bun is one of my favourite bun while I still living in HK as a kid, I still remember back then my parent or grandparent always bought me sausage bun after picking me up from school. And that is usually the time when a freshly baked sausage bun is out from bakery, I love the scent of freshly bake bread it just make you feel hungry no matter what.

Same as my other bread recipe, I use the Tangzhong water roux technique too. It help the bread retain the moist better and softer in texture. You may have notice most Asian bakery tend to prefer soft and fluffy bread than hard and crunchy like baguette. Even now I had try so many different variety of bread, this Hong Kong Style Sausage Bun is still one of my comfort food, not only because of the taste but it also bring back a lot of old memory.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and get to try my home town famous sausage bun.

125ml Milk
1 Egg
55g Sugar
4g Salt
350g Bread Flour
1 tablespoon Milk Powder
6g Instant Yeast
30g Butter Softened, room Temperature
6 Frankfurt Sausages
1) Bread Machine: According to your bread maker instruction, select dough function. Add in the wet ingredient and then dry ingredient, once it start form dough add in the butter. Once the dough cycle finish, dough should be about double in size.

Alternative - Hand Knead: Put all dry ingredients in a clean working surface, make a well and put all wet ingredients in. Knead until it becomes dough and gluten has developed. Cover with wet towel until it double in size (Approximately 45-60 minutes).
2) Transfer to clean floured working surface, gently deflated the dough and squeeze all the air out. Divide dough into 6 portions. Cover with Cling wrap and rest for 15 minutes.
3) Knead dough into a long tube like (approximately 40cm), roll around the sausage with seal face down. 
4) Place on baking tray line with baking paper and cover with cling wrap or wet towel and rest for 45-60 minutes until double in size.

5) Pre-heated oven to 180 degree C and brush whisked egg on surface of the rolls.
6) Bake for about 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Transfer to rack and let it cool down.

Bon Appetite.